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The Local Community

Serving the local community is a great opportunity to show and share the love of Christ! team and participating in outreach are just two exciting ways of building a community of gospel-centered people.

Please see the list of church ministry teams below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Equipping leaders to reach and engage kids with the gospel

Bible Studies
Studying God's Word together

Providing Christ-centered support and alternatives for unexpected pregnancy.

Christian Motorcycle Association 
Evangelistic outreach primarily, but not exclusively, to the motorcycle community.

Christian Service Brigade
Action-focused discipleship for men shaping the next generation.

Draft Discourse
Public context to foster discussion on universally important topics among people of all viewpoints.

Elder Care Worship
Sharing praise and worship at nursing and retirement homes.

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
Uniting faith and athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Frederick Creation Society
Defending the truth of creation in scripture against secular philosophies.

Frederick Rescue Mission
Sharing the Word of Life with the lost, hungry, and homeless.

Food Distribution
Providing food for Frederick's hungry and homeless.

Foreign Exchange Students
Hosting a student in your home.

Habitat for Humanity
Building houses together in Christ and partnering with families in need.

Handicapped Adults
Christ-centered care for individuals.

Men's Prison Ministry
Offering worship service on the third Sunday of each month for men at the Frederick Detention Facility.

Navigator's Wheel
Discipleship tool illustrating how to live as disciples of Christ.

Planting Hope
Local compassion outreach event that helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Women coming together to love, care, connect, nurture, and serve one another.